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Thank you to all of the donors that have made the 2022-23 season possible! There is still time to make a positive impact on our current season. Donations can now be made directly through the Columbus Foundation, by mailing a check to PO Box 597, Worthington, OH 43085, by using the donate box at the bottom of this webpage, or by contacting us at for more options.

($10,000 and up)
Benedicta Enrile

City of Worthington
Johnstone Fund for New Music

Julie Dawson
Nancy Elkington and Ted Dziemianowicz
Lincoln Financial Foundation
Ohio Arts Council
Darnell and Carmen Perkins
William and Joyce Roberts
Charlie and Betsy Warner
Mick and Beth Ann Ball
Courtland Bishop
Greg and Kira Brunton
Antoine T. Clark and Caleb Hutslar 
Michelle Geissbuhler
Bronwynn and David Hopton
Eddie Pauline
Michael and Lindsay Rerko
Linda Royalty
Frank and Connie Shepherd
Ellen Stukenberg
David and Pamela Subler

Matthew and Lisa Finnegan
Steve and Karen Fuller
Art and Judy Hecker
Jeffrey and Cathy Lyttle

Erin Blue
Rita Eppler-Goss
Linda and Richard Gunther
Jane Karras
Robert and Ann Oakley
Miriam Utter

Yosry Attia
Thomas and Christina Atzberger Jennifer Best
Nadine Block
Janice Boyd
Juliann Breeding
Tsu and Sandra Chang
Wendy Ciriegio
Jill Cohen

Jon Cook and Eric Boardsen
John and Bernice Cooper
Rachael Dorothy
Matthew Ellis
Grace Finnegan
Steve and Brenda Fitch
Carla Fox
Joe and Elizabeth Giannetti
Wendy Goldstein
Wesley Harnish
Tricia Herban
Chris and Rebecca Hermann
Jane Marland
Rebecca McCauley
Ruth McCauley
Elizabeth Melville
Franz Messner
Kevin and Lauren Moore
Ann Olszewski
Patricia Potts
Jean Ralley
Jeffrey and Larae Schraeder Patricia Snyder
Cynthia Woodbeck
Bostwick and Linda Wyman Beverley Wynne


The Worthington Chamber Orchestra is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The continued success of the orchestra is reliant on generous supporters like you. Please consider gifting a tax-deductible donation today.

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